Saturday, January 28, 2012

Victoria's Baptism

While in Santiago, we had Victoria baptized. And just like Olivia, she was baptized along side her similarly aged cousin, in the same church, with the same priest. Both girls look precious and I wanted to share photos from this special day. 

 Here is are the cousins with the priest.

Here is Victoria with her Godfather, taking an interest in the Bible.

And here is a photo from almost 3 years ago with Olivia and her cousin, taken in the exact same spot! (Yes, Victoria wore Olivia's dress!)

Before the baptism, Olivia, Victoria and I were hanging out on the balcony at my in-laws' apartment and I took a lot of pictures of Victoria. I couldn't decide which ones I like best so I am sharing them all here! (Her hair looks much redder than it actually is. It's actually not red at all!)

And here are a few of older sister on the balcony too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lago Grey Glacier Tour

When my mom and step-dad visited back in December, we went to Torres del Paine, their first time there. One of the highlights of the trip was taking a boat tour on the Lago Grey to see a glacier. It was the same glacier Fernando and I hiked to two years ago but approaching from a different angle and with a lot less hiking to get there!

There was a short hike at the beginning to get to the little boat which took us to the bigger boat. It was quite windy (no surprises there) and I had to walk backwards to protect Victoria. You can see in the background that we are approaching the icy waters.

Here we are getting ready to get on board.

And Olivia, trying not to get her picture taking.

Once we got on the boat, Victory sat on my lap, so this was my view: cute baby head + glacier.

Beautiful icy shot:

My mom enjoying getting so close to the glacier.

More glacier shots:

And remember, I took all these amazing photos with this little one in my lap!

And Olivia, who is prone to motion sickness, was feeling sick and finally believed us that sleeping would help her feel better. She conked out on my mom's lap and missed the beautiful scenery! 

And here is Fernando, getting one last shot as we finish up and hike back to the car.

On a side not, there was recently a huge forest fire in the park, weeks within our trip there. This is exactly the side of the park most effected. I am not sure what the current status is but I know that hundreds, if not thousands of acres were destroyed. It was very hard to contain the fires because of the... you guessed it: WIND.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Santiago and Back

We crammed our whole summer into three short weeks in Santiago over Christmas. It was a great trip. The weather was extremely hot which was just what we wanted. Olivia had the time of her life, meeting up with friends and cousins, swimming, playing at the park and just being outside without a coat on!  Victoria also enjoyed being outside and taking walks in the stroller (not something we get to do much of here in the cold windy south!).  Here are some pictures. (I have a lot of other pictures to share from my mom's visit and other fun in Santiago so hopefully I can get into gear and get going with the blog again soon!)

Olivia *hanging* out. She's got flip flops on but she never really did master how to walk in them. It was pretty funny to watch her limp/slide around when she wore them.

Happy baby girl, hanging out outside with only a onsie on for the first time in her life!

Sisterly love...

More outside fun, by the pool. Love love love Victoria's dress!

In the pool with matching bathing suits!

Olivia hanging out at the playground with her cousin and another friend, having the time. of. her. life.  Funny story: as this picture was being taken, we were unknowingly missing our flight back to Punta Arenas. We were sure it left on Sunday evening. This photo was on Saturday evening. When we went to check-in online Saturday night, we realized the tickets were for Saturday evening. Besides having to buy new tickets which of course is never fun, we got to stay in Santiago for a few extra days which was nice. And Olivia really was having the time of her life that day so it was worth it!

I thought that transitioning back to cold summer would be difficult but kids being adaptable as they are, Olivia slid right back into her Punta Arenas life and wardrobe.  Here are photos taken just one week after the pool and playground fun in Santiago. It's amazing what a difference there is in the weather!

Olivia and her friends spent the better part of an afternoon playing in a hole. Who knew a hole could provide such entertainment?  Parents, keep this in mind the next time you are looking for an economical gift for your kids!