Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Trip Family Pics

Here are some more pictures from my dad's visit.

Notice the king crab hanging behind my dad's head! This was taken in our favorite restaurant in Puerto Natales called "La Burbuja."  It's cheap and tasty!

Victoria giving Papa some photography tips:

The hotel provided a crib/jail for Victoria. 


  1. Hi Joanna,

    it's a big world, however I now get to see it's not big at all !
    We, a Dutch retired couple, live in Croatia today (much nicer than Holland :-)

    Through my blog I got connected to Terra del Fuego, as I received an email from a Croat living there.

    Please be so kind to mail me at so I can "use" you for some " insight" information.
    My Spanish is zero, my English however is rather good (as you can see).

    Greetings from Dalmatia, Pim.

  2. Hi, Joanna-

    My son, Zach Jensen was just transferred to Porvenir. He is an LDS Missionary, so should be fairly conspicuous!

    I hope if you see him, you will pass along to him our love!

    He is a wonderful young man and I am sure he would enjoy a friendly face.

    I so admire your adventurous spirit!

    Please feel free to reply to me, if you'd like!

    Robin and Jan Jensen
    San Diego, California