Thursday, May 10, 2012

Perito Moreno Fun

Ok so I am only 3 months late posting but here goes. My dad and step-mom visited back in February. We took a road trip to El Calafate, Argentina. The same place we went last February. We had a great trip and stayed in a great hotel, using a GROUPON. Yes, we even have Groupons here in at the end of the earth.  The main tourist attraction is the glacier, Perito Moreno.

Olivia loves to hike. Here is she leading the way on a trail:

Victoria, more interested in attempting to suck on the baby carrier than looking at that kick-ass glacier behind her:

Same kick-ass glacier, different angles:

Olivia, unfortunately got sick with a fever and was out of commission for about 24 hours. Here in this photo you can see it's starting to hit her. Poor thing!

Both girls taking a nap. Olivia did the same thing last year (wearing the SAME pants!!!):

Trying to be *artistic.* Check out the reflection in my glasses:

Beautiful water, heading back to the car on the special walkways:

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