Friday, February 3, 2012

Tired girl

Olivia has not been going to her morning day care center since the beginning of November. After a long long break, this Wednesday was her first day back. Historically, she is not a big fan of day care. The main (really the only) reason is because I am not there. Other than being mama-free, she loves the activities and kids.  Well I am happy to report that not only has re-entry to morning day care gone well, she is so happy with it that she asked to stay for longer! Woohoo! She has grown and matured so much in the past couple of months. Here she is, post day care, a tired little girl (rocking the Little Mermaid with polka dots and zebra stripes cause any other way wouldn't be right).

Here's hoping for a happier, more fun year at day care!

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