Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reason #25

After 3 weeks of sun and fun in Santiago, I've been feeling really kind of negative about living in the south, in the cold, away from friends and family. Soooo, in order to survive start feeling better about life at the end of the earth, I am going to periodically post reasons why living here is good. I'm shooting for 25 reasons so, counting backwards, here is the first one.

I get to wear these bad boys YEAR ROUND. 


  1. love those! i'm sold. we are moving to the end of the earth! well, maybe not. but, where can i snag a pair of those fab boots!?!? i think of you often and wonder how you hold it together so well. way to focus on the positives, no doubt there is a lot to celebrate about your exciting life down there. xoxo

    1. The boots are from the duty free zone here. Lots of random stuff! Feel free to visit anytime :)

  2. I love you JO!!! Another great reason is so I can sound interesting when telling people about my amazing friend who lives in Chile!!!

  3. Hello Joanna!
    I am from North East Greece.
    You are so lucky because you are life there...
    and you are so far from economy problems...
    Take care always
    And keep in touch your blog is the great escape for me...